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Big Data: Web Application for Automatic Import of E-commerce Sales Data and Statistics

Web application for automatic data collection and analysis from e-commerce systems.

Cliente: Blazemedia Srl

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Mostrum has developed Justearn, a custom Web App for the Client, a leading company in the e-commerce sector. Justearn automates the process of extracting, analyzing, and reporting large volumes of data from multiple marketing channels, providing the Client with a complete solution to optimize their campaigns and maximize results.

Client Benefits

  • Automatic Data Extraction: Justearn eliminates the need to manually extract data from marketing channels, a time-consuming and error-prone process. The application automatically downloads data in the background, ensuring a constant and up-to-date data flow.
  • Data Consolidation in a Single Database: All data extracted from different sources is centralized in a single database, offering a complete and unified view of marketing campaign performance. This facilitates data analysis and comparison, enabling rapid identification of areas of success and improvement.
  • Campaign Creation and Management: Justearn allows you to create new campaign names and associate them with the corresponding services, simplifying the organization and management of marketing activities.
  • Customizable Dashboard for Reports and Analysis: The customizable dashboard allows users to create detailed and personalized reports, using charts, tables, and other visual elements to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns. Reports can be saved for future reference, facilitating progress monitoring and trend identification.
  • Performance Optimization and Scalability: Justearn is optimized to handle large volumes of data efficiently, ensuring fast response times and a smooth user experience. The scalable architecture allows you to increase processing and storage capacity based on the Client's growing needs.
  • Data Export in Excel Format: All analyzed data can be exported in Excel format for further analysis or sharing with other team members.
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Technologies Used

  • Programming Languages: PHP, JavaScript
  • Framework: Laravel, VueJs\n- Database: MySQL
  • Cloud Services: Custom UNIX VPS
  • Marketing Channel APIs: Amazon API, eBay API, Google Ads API


  • Data Extraction from Diverse Sources: The main challenge was to extract data reliably and securely from different platforms and APIs with different data formats. We developed custom API interfaces and robust extraction processes to ensure the complete and accurate collection of all necessary data.
  • Big Data Management: Processing and analyzing large amounts of data required an efficient architecture and algorithms. We used database optimization techniques, machine learning algorithms, and caching to ensure fast response times and effective data analysis.
  • Data Security and Protection: Protecting sensitive data was crucial. We have implemented strict access controls, data encryption, and state-of-the-art security measures to ensure maximum protection of the Client's data.


Justearn represents a complete and automated solution for marketing data extraction, analysis, and reporting. The combination of advanced technologies and Mostrum's expertise has resulted in a robust, scalable, and secure system that fully meets the Client's needs. Justearn provides the Client with the tools necessary to make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing campaigns, and maximize business results.