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Big Data - Web Application for Data Import and Reporting

Ciaodino Dashboard: A Unified System for In-depth Data Analysis.

Cliente: Digital Evolution Srl

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Mostrum has developed Ciaodino Dashboard, a custom web solution for the Client, a leading company in the digital marketing sector. The project aimed to create a centralized application for collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from multiple channels, providing a complete and unified view of marketing performance.

A Client with the Need to Unify and Analyze Data

Digital Evolution manages the digital campaigns of numerous clients in various sectors. The company needed to develop a tool that would allow them to collect, integrate, and analyze data from multiple channels, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search, Facebook Ads, Criteo, and CSV files. The goal was to provide clients with a complete and unified view of their digital performance, enabling them to identify areas of success and improvement.

  • Unified View: Ciaodino Dashboard eliminates the need to consult multiple platforms to obtain information on marketing data. All data from Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search, Facebook Ads, Criteo, and CSV files is centralized in one place, providing a complete overview of campaigns and marketing activities.

  • In-depth Analysis: The customizable dashboard allows users to create detailed and personalized reports, using charts, counters, and pivot tables to visualize data intuitively and understand key trends. This allows for rapid identification of areas of success and improvement, effectively optimizing marketing strategies.

  • Time and Resource Savings: Automated import processes and optimized queries significantly reduce the time required for data collection and analysis. Personalized reports and easy access eliminate the need to manually create static reports, freeing up valuable time for more strategic activities.

  • Data-Driven Decisions: With immediate access to consolidated data and in-depth analysis, the marketing team can make data-driven decisions, increasing campaign effectiveness and optimizing marketing investment.

  • Scalability and Security: The scalable server architecture ensures excellent performance even with increasing data and user traffic. Stringent security controls protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring maximum security and reliability.

  • Sharing Reports with Clients: Generated reports can be shared with Digital Evolution's clients in a secure and confidential manner.

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Innovative Technologies for Efficient Analysis

  • Programming Languages: PHP and JavaScript
  • Framework: Laravel and VueJs
  • Database: MySQL and Redis
  • Cloud Services: Docker Container on Digital Ocean architecture (3 servers, Load Balancer, CDN, WAF)

A Challenging Project with Excellent Results

One of the most critical aspects of the project was optimizing application performance to handle a high volume of data. Mostrum Srl solved this problem using a scalable server architecture including a load balancer, CDN, bucket for storing physical assets, and automated security controls to prevent unwanted access and immediate alerts in case of malfunctions.

In addition, we took care of:

  • Integration of Diverse Data Sources: The main challenge was to integrate data from different platforms and formats into a single system. Mostrum Srl developed custom API interfaces and automated loading processes to ensure the effective collection and integration of all data.
  • Security and Scalability: Protecting sensitive data and managing a growing data stream were crucial aspects. Mostrum Srl implemented strict access controls, data encryption, and a scalable server architecture on AWS to ensure maximum system security and scalability.

A Project that Strengthens the Client's Leadership

Ciaodino Dashboard represents a fundamental step in Digital Evolution's growth path. The application allows the company to offer its clients an even more complete and efficient data analysis service, strengthening its position as a leader in the digital marketing market.

A Successful Project that Brings Value to Clients

The collaboration between Mostrum and Digital Evolution was characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration and a deep understanding of client needs. Our team worked closely with Digital Evolution's team to develop an application that perfectly reflected their needs and goals.

Ciaodino Dashboard is a successful project that demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative solutions that help companies achieve their goals. The application allows them to offer their clients an even more complete and efficient data analysis service, helping them make more informed and data-driven strategic decisions.