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IoT - iOS and Android App Connected to Physiotherapy Device

Orbita: Intuitive Control and Management of an IoT Medical Device

Cliente: Ensys Srl

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Mostrum Srl has collaborated with Ensys Srl to develop Orbita, an innovative iOS and Android mobile application for managing and configuring an IoT medical device designed by Ensys Srl. Orbita offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for controlling and monitoring the device, ensuring a flawless and secure user experience.

Description and Objectives

Ensys Srl is an Italian company specializing in hardware design. The company needed to develop a mobile application that would allow users to configure and manage their IoT physiotherapy device in a simple and intuitive way. The goal was to create a user-friendly application that could be used by people with different technical skills.

Benefits Achieved by the Client

  • Improved user experience: The application has offered users an intuitive and user-friendly experience for controlling and monitoring the medical device, improving their overall satisfaction.
  • Increased efficiency: Orbita has automated various device configuration and management tasks, reducing the time and effort required by users.
  • Enhanced security: The application has implemented various security measures to protect sensitive data and hardware.
  • Simplified releases and debugging: The use of cloud services has simplified the application's release and debugging processes, ensuring greater speed and flexibility.

Technologies Used

  • Hybrid development: React Native
  • Cloud services: Firebase
  • Communication protocols: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Database: AsyncStorage and Firebase Realtime Database


We faced several challenges, including:

  • Multi-platform development: The application had to be developed for both iOS and Android, ensuring a consistent user experience on both platforms. We used React Native, a hybrid development framework that allows us to create native applications with a single source code.
  • Data security: The application had to handle sensitive data related to users' health, ensuring maximum security and confidentiality.
  • Real-time communication: The application had to communicate in real time with the IoT medical device via BLE. We developed a robust and high-performance architecture to ensure smooth and reliable communication.


Orbita is a concrete example of how mobile technology can be used to improve people's quality of life and innovate in the medical device sector. It represents an example of how Mostrum Srl can use its technological expertise to develop innovative solutions that meet the specific needs of its customers.