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Animated and Interactive Company Profile Page

Web page with dynamic and personalized animations integrated into an existing CMS.

Cliente: Ares Line Spa

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We collaborated with Ares Line Spa, a leading company in the office and community furniture sector, to create the new Company Profile page for their website. The goal was to create a modern and engaging page that would tell the brand's story and highlight its values and philosophy.

A Client with a Story to Tell

Ares Line Spa boasts over 30 years of experience in the office and community furniture sector. The company is known for its attention to design, quality, and innovation in its products. With the new Company Profile page, Ares Line wanted to create a digital space that would tell its story, its values, and its passion for design.

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A Web Page that Immerses the User in the Brand's Story

The new Ares Line Company Profile page was created following the principles of design storytelling. Through a careful selection of content and images, the page tells the brand's story in an engaging and immersive way. The user is transported into the world of Ares Line and can discover the values that guide the company, its production philosophy, and its successes.

Technology and Innovation at the Service of Design

To create the new Company Profile page, we used the following technologies:\n\n- Vue.js: A high-performance and versatile JavaScript framework that allowed us to create a dynamic and interactive web page.\n- CSS: Animations and visual effects were created using CSS3, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.\n- SEO: The page was optimized for search engines, so that it could be easily indexed and visible to users searching for information.

A Challenging Project with Excellent Results

One of the most delicate points of the project was to integrate the new Company Profile page into Ares Line's existing CMS, without having to rewrite or alter parts of the existing code. We solved this problem using the JavaScript injection technique, which allowed us to insert the new page into the CMS without compromising the structure and functionality of the existing website, while keeping it indexable by search engines.

Beyond Technology, a Human Touch

The collaboration between Mostrum and Ares Line was characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration and attention to detail. Our team worked closely with the client's team to understand their needs and to create a web page that perfectly reflects their values and identity.

The new Company Profile page is an example of how technology can be used to create engaging and valuable digital experiences. The page tells the brand's story effectively and immersively, highlighting its values and philosophy. Thanks to this project, Ares Line Spa has been able to strengthen its online image and consolidate its position as a leader in the office and community furniture sector.