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Comprehensive Bike Tour System: Booking, Management, and iOS and Android App

Cycling through the Palladian villas: an unparalleled cycling tourism experience.

Cliente: Bike rental

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Mostrum Srl has collaborated with a local tour operator to create an innovative electric bike rental system for self-guided exploration of the Palladian villas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The project, called "Bike Rental", offers tourists a unique and customizable sightseeing experience, allowing them to discover the scenic and architectural beauty of Veneto.

A Client with a Forward-Thinking Vision

The client, with many years of experience in the tourism sector, wanted to offer its customers an ecological and accessible alternative to explore the Palladian villas. The goal was to create an integrated system that would allow tourists to book and rent electric bikes easily and independently, fully enjoying the freedom and flexibility of a self-guided tour.

A Comprehensive System for a Stress-Free Cycling Tourism Experience

The project consists of three main elements:

  1. Public website: The web portal offers visitors the possibility to view available tours, book electric bikes, and pay online securely and quickly. The fully automated booking system allows for efficient booking management and reduces waiting times for customers.

  2. Web App for internal management: The tour operator has a dedicated Web App that allows them to monitor the status of electric bikes, their location, and reservations in real time. The Web App also allows them to manage support requests and verify payments.

  3. Mobile application for electric bikes: The mobile app, pre-installed on the devices provided by the tour operator, connects to the electric bikes via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The app allows you to turn the bike on and off, monitor the battery level, view the tour route in real time, and request assistance if needed. The app also integrates a geolocation system that allows the tour operator to monitor the location of the bikes in real time.

Innovative Technologies at the Service of Tourism

Programming languages: PHP, JavaScript
Framework: Laravel, Vue.js, React Native
Database: MySQL + Redis
Cloud Services: AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Communication protocol: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

A Challenging Project with Excellent Results

One of the most delicate aspects of the project was to integrate the three elements of the system (website, Web App, and mobile app) to ensure smooth communication and an impeccable user experience. We solved this challenge using RESTful APIs and WebSocket for real-time data exchange between the different components of the system.

A Project that Enhances the Territory and Promotes Sustainable Tourism

Bike Rental is an example of how technology can be used to enhance the territory and promote sustainable tourism. The system allows tourists to explore the Palladian villas independently and in an environmentally friendly way, helping to reduce the environmental impact of tourism.

Beyond Technology, a Human Touch

The collaboration between Mostrum Srl and the tour operator was characterized by a strong spirit of collaboration and a deep shared passion for the region and for tourism. Our team worked closely with the tour operator's team to understand their needs and to develop a system that perfectly reflects their philosophy and values.

Bike Rental is a successful project that has revolutionized the way to experience the Palladian villas. The system offers tourists a unique and customizable cycling tourism experience, allowing them to discover the beauty of Veneto independently, flexibly, and sustainably.