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Augmented and Virtual Reality

We create immersive applications that amplify your operations. Designed to offer a unique and engaging experience.

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are rapidly emerging as revolutionary technologies, set to transform the way we interact with the world around us.

We can place your 3D models in your room, integrate directions overlaid on the view of your street, transport you to the archive of a museum not yet open to the public or to the beach of your dreams… the possibilities are endless.

  • deployed_code

    3D Development

    Creation of realistic 3D models, environments, and virtual objects for the AR or VR experience.

  • eye_tracking

    Tracking and Registration

    Implementation of tracking systems to monitor the user's position and movement in real or virtual space.

  • interactive_space

    Interaction and Input

    Development of natural and intuitive interactions to allow users to interact with virtual elements and the surrounding environment.

  • rocket_launch

    Graphics and Rendering

    Optimization of graphics and rendering to ensure smooth performance, a realistic visual experience, and high frame rates on mobile devices or VR headsets.

  • family_star

    Device Integration

    Design of intuitive and engaging user experiences that make the most of the potential of AR and VR.

  • family_star

    User Experience (UX) Design

    Design of intuitive and engaging user experiences that make the most of the potential of AR and VR.

  • conversion_path

    Integration with Existing Systems

    Integration of the AR/VR application with existing business systems, databases and other tools to leverage data and functionality more broadly.

  • stadia_controller


    Integration of gamification elements to motivate users, increase engagement, and encourage repeated use of the application.

  • partner_exchange

    Multi-User Collaboration

    Development of features to allow users to collaborate and interact with each other within the AR/VR experience.

  • neurology

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Integration of artificial intelligence algorithms to personalize the AR/VR experience, provide intelligent suggestions and analyze user data.

  • computer

    Web AR App Development

    Create AR experiences that are accessible through web browsers, without the need to install apps or use VR headsets.

  • globe

    Virtual Environment Creation

    Design and develop virtual worlds or 3D environments where users can navigate and interact.

  • sensors

    Sensor Integration

    Utilize sensors such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and cameras to enhance user interaction within the AR/VR environment.

  • spatial_tracking

    3D Audio Integration

    Add sound effects and spatial audio to improve user immersion.

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